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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Warming Oceans, Cooling Oceans, CO2 and the Death of Us All

The International ARGO Project has a “fleet” of 3,000 underwater robots that measure, among other things, the temperatures of the oceans. Their robots have shown that there has been ten years of ocean cooling.

Cold water, especially sea water is able to take up CO2 more easily than warm water. As more CO2 is taken up by the worlds oceans there is the possibility of the acidification of the oceans. What does that mean?

Scientists at the Plymouth University Marine Laboratory have been studying this process of CO2 uptake. Dr. Carol Turley said that “[o]ceans have been taking up 25% of the carbon dioxide that man has produced over the last 200 years, . . . When you add more carbon dioxide to sea water it becomes more acidic.” There is now speculation that this acidic sea water will kill most shellfish (by corroding their shells) within the next three or four decades. And, it seems this uptake of CO2 is also causing a great rise in jellyfish populations. (This is but one of several articles you can find on the “web” blaming global warming/climate change on human activities, specifically releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.)

Much has been made about the oceans warming up. This site suggests that global warming will cause ocean warming, which will result in the loss of fish and coral. So it looks like warm oceans are harmful and that cool oceans are harmful. And both are caused by humans. Neat!

Unfortunately, warm sea water release CO2, ergo, less to no acidification of the oceans. Yea! The shellfish will be save and the nasty ol’ jellyfish population will dwindle. However, cool water absorbs more CO2. And the ARGO Project has shown that the oceans are cooling, as does this site.

So, what I want to know is this: how are humans causing cooling oceans? That is a puzzlement. How can the global warming/climate change alarmists have it both ways? Obviously, they can’t.

Either there is global warming going on, or there is global cooling and neither is caused by humans. (There is a third option: neutrality in temperatures. But that’s not likely, at least not for very long.)

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